Did you know that laughter is fabulous therapy?

Laughing when I’m depressed? Laughing when I’m anxious? Laughing when I’m stressed? – doesn’t sound very intuitive really does it.


But hold on…


Mark Twain, writer, adventurer and wily social critic, said “The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow”

And laughter can in fact be an incredibly powerful tool for reducing levels of anxiety, depression and stress


Why? Because it does three things:

  1. It switches our attention instantly away from our anxious or depressed thought patterns and by doing so breaks the ‘trance’ state of negative rumination that both these conditions can hold us in.
  2. It releases endorphins, chemicals in our brain that create a sense of joy. These endorphins counter the anxiety-inducing hormones adrenaline and cortisol and so by calming us down help us into a more positive and rational mindset.
  3. Perhaps most importantly it shows us that we have the power to separate ours:elves from our negative thoughts and so offers us hope for the future. And hope is a powerful tool in itself.


Try some laughs here:

If you’d like a laugh right now you need look no further than the links below.

Mark Twain also said “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand”.  So why not give it a go..

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I can take no credit (nor responsibility!) for the jokes provided, but if you’d like more help in overcoming stress, anxiety or depression feel free to take the first step by getting in touch with me below..

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